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SVRUnit has a separate "test" command that you can use to run your tests. This is also the default command, so you can also skip that command name.
The command requires that you provide the XML configuration file as argument.
php svrunit.phar test --configuration=./svrunit.xml
That's it, your tests should now run.
If you want to get more out of this command, please see this list of available options that you can use.

Command Options

Required argument to specify the XML configuration file.
Only run test suites that contain your provided group name.
Exclude one or more groups. --exclude-group=group1,group2
Show additonal debug output directly when your tests are executed
If provided, SVRUnit will immediately fail and stop executing tests, once the first test fails. Use this to save some time when running your tests.
Generates a HTML report
Generates a JUnit report