Verify Server for Project

SVRUnit can also be installed with Composer. This means you can install it along with your project, such as Symfony projects, Shopware projects and more.

Now imagine, that you create a SVRUnit test file that contains all requirements of your project. You can simply run the tests directly from your project and verify that your hosting environment can run your project!

Let's use the example of Shopware 6.

Shopware has a page with their requirements at:

I've created a template file for Shopware 6 that you can use as base for your project:

Let's install SVRUnit as Dependency in your project (dev or prod, depends on you)

composer require svrunit/svrunit

Now create a XML configuration file that specifies a single YML test file.

      <testsuite name="My Shopware 6 Project Tests">         

Now let's place the content of our YML (or the template file from above) in the shopware6.yml file.


  - name: "PHP Version is correct"
    setting: "PHP_VERSION"
    mode: "web"
      - "operator": ">="
        "value": "7.4"

That's it!

You can now manually run your tests, or even use your CI/CD pipeline for this.

php vendor/bin/svrunit --configuration=shopware6.xml  

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