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Unit Test Docker Image

SVRUnit allows you to fully test Docker Images or Containers.
This means, you can use it to automatically verify that your built images work properly.
With (one of our projects) we build > 180 different images automatically with pipelines. SVRUnit helps us to verify all kinds of developer features, just like the correct installation of XDebug, switching of PHP Versions, correct file permission, Node versions, NVM usage, SSH users and way more.
You can indeed build some rock-solid Docker images with more confidence by running unit tests before pushing them to your repository.
To get you started, here is a link to a single Docker image test. You can see that lots of tests from different folders are included. Every single image is also started with different environment variables that launch the images with different PHP Versions, with or without Xdebug and way more.
The tests itself can be found in these subfolders: